FDA allows qualified health claim on benefits of early peanut introduction | AAP News | AAP Gateway


FDA allows qualified health claim on benefits of early peanut introduction | AAP News | AAP Gateway

Zika virus: Top mosquito repellent recommendations

So this is the most important question of the summer.

A lot of people are scared, since the worst case scenario for the global impact of Zika virus can seem to be the makings of a Hollywood disaster thriller.  Truth is, there’s a lot we don’t know yet about what else Zika can do. 

If you’re pregnant, live in the continental United States, but neither you nor your sexual partner has been to the currently endemic areas, please stop worrying about this. There are much more probable dangers to you and your fetus in your daily routine activities with which you’ve likely already come to terms with. Be safe and get good pre-natal care.

If you’re pregnant and you or your sexual partner have been in the endemic areas during or just before your pregnancy, please discuss this with your obstetrician.  While there are no good options for women with effected fetuses (microcephalic on sonograms) this is still a “crash course” for the medical community, and we need to learn as much as possible, as quickly as possible to come up with better defined expectations, options and solutions.

What can the rest of us do?

Well, the mosquito’s from Brazil are not likely to fly the disease up here. More likely, humans with Zika in their blood are going to travel and bring the virus to our local Aedes mosquitos. More humans traveling with Zika, means more Zika for our mosquitos to ingest and then spread. More mosquito bites, means more transmission.

This brings us the the common sense action we should all take, mosquito repellent use.  That’s my plan for my family this summer.

Zika virus: Top mosquito repellent recommendations